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Monday, July 25, 2016

It's been a jam packed summer this year and I've loved meeting and photographing lots of wonderful people. One of the first photoshoots to kick off the summer was photographing this beautiful woman, Melissa, in June. You may have seen a sneak peak from my 1 year anniversary blog post, where I described Melissa as simply captivating.

We had just met only hours before this impromptu photoshoot when she was invited round for a group meal at my flat where we all helped out to make a delicious roast dinner. It was lovely how Melissa took an interest in my wedding photography and that's when I knew she was a lover of the arts. I felt like a schoolkid who had a crush and was shy asking the other person out. When I've photographed gorgeous women in the past, it's usually come up after a few meetings and conversations and then an arranged photoshoot happens. This time round I felt the time had to be 'now' as Melissa was moving to Berlin the week after and I couldn't be sure I'd see her again. 

It was then I plucked up the courage and asked if I could take her portrait. She was pleasantly surprised that someone would want to take her portrait and flattered too. I was worried she might say no as she hadn't prepared for her photo to be taken at a moment's notice! In the spirit of embracing life's spontaneous moments, Melissa kindly agreed and mentioned how she'd love to help out with my photography in any way she could, which was touching. After few minutes brushing her hair and touching up her lipstick we were ready to shoot. I hadn't really thought of where to photograph as I was preparing myself for Melissa to say no, then I saw some green trees and bushes outside my bedroom window and quickly thought 'that could look nice'.

I was actually surprised at myself at how stunning the photographs came out. With no preparation, it's hard to tell whether the nerves might affect the shoot but as it was so casual, it just felt so natural taking photos of Melissa. As soon as I met her I had an instinct Melissa would be a natural at being photographed and here are the gorgeous images as proof...

Thank you!

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