Packaging Materials: Wedding Photography Postcard pack

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Love hand making these postcard packages for the lovely people I photograph. These postcards are from James and Sophie's gorgeous wedding, and felt like the online photo gallery just wasn't enough to encompass how wonderful the whole day was. I selected a handful of my favourite photos from the wedding to send as a little thank you.  It's the little simple things that you can keep or share that's so timeless about these postcards and beautifully printed on matt card to easily write on the back. These are lovely to send to friends and family, or even to keep and write down a memory on the back as a keepsake.

I'll be writing a blog post soon on the wonderful ways you can use postcards! I just love them! 
In the time being, check out my Pinterest board on the many creative ways to display postcards!

Looking to get a personalised postcard pack? Email me to book your photo session or to find out more:

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