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Monday, May 18, 2015

 Celebrated my birthday yesterday and it was a wonderful weekend spending quality time with my partner and close friends. So lovely to have a break from lots of hard work and to relax for a little bit! :) Decided to make cute little cupcakes on Sunday, to share with friends. My partner decided to use the remaining cake mix to make me a birthday cake, bless him! He also couldn't resist putting multicoloured flame candles on my cake! I suppose you can never get too old for super colourful cakes! Just a selection of a few awesome and unique presents I got from my partner and friends. Thank you (especially my mug and pin up book! They sure do know me well!) Hope you all had a lovely weekend and don't forget to celebrate your birthday in style!

Just on a side note - this year has certainly thrown it's ups and downs and I couldn't be more happier with the direction my life is going now. Lots of new exciting changes and progressions. It's amazing how in one year you can get a hell of a lot wiser and quickly learn from your experiences.

Another year, a happy new me.
Here's to celebrating a positive and exciting 2015/16 (with lots more of gorgeous photography to come!)

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