Thursday, 13 November 2014

13 Nov 2014 - Packaging Materials: Wedding Photography Welcome Pack

Excited to share my new stationery I've been experimenting with. Done a lot of rebranding and rethinking my marketing. I love designing things and wanted to make something special for my wedding clients. This is a prototype of my wedding welcome pack. So far it's been great feedback on this however everything is painstakingly made by hand! (November I had a bit of spare time!) But I wanted to share this with you all as I'm thinking of doing something similar to all my clients, not just for weddings.

I still love the hand-made feel to it so will be using these ideas for my next photography portrait pack.


Friday, 31 October 2014

31 Oct 2014 - Bristol Music Photography - Olive Haigh: Live Hydra Bookshop, Bristol

The charismatic and fabulous performer, Olive Haigh playing a Halloween gig in Hydra Bookshop, Bristol. The setting was wonderful for her music, style and created a magical atmosphere. Certainly check out her music here. Really enjoyed taking live music photography and hopefully be able to photograph and film her live again. You may have noticed I did her Monsters EP promo shoot. You can view this really fun shoot here.

Also you can find images published in newspapers here


Monday, 29 September 2014

29 Sept 2014 - Somerset Event Photography - SAW: Lucy Lean's Poppy Installation at Bruton

Lucy Lean's installation, 'Suspended in Memory', was a stunning display to photograph at Bruton School for Girls as part of Somerset Art Works' Open Studio Weeks. It was a privilege to document the opening evening of the exhibition for SAW. Walking in to the room you are instantly moved by the swaying field of poppies. The deep green carpet and red blood poppies certainly captivates the viewer and keeps them pondering. Working under tuition of SAW artist-in-residence Lucy Lean and her assistant Cath Ingram, students at the girl's school create delicately hand crafted feathery poppies with handwritten inscriptions on each poppy.

This was a beautiful exhibition and it's wonderful to see such poignant pieces of art in Somerset. And working with Somerset Art Works was, as always, a pleasure! See more work I've done for SAW here.

Also I'm pleased to see my images published in various online publications:


Saturday, 30 August 2014

30 Aug 2014 - Cardiff Family Photography - Syed Family Day Out

Had a wonderful day out with my family. It's always nice to have a big reunion from time to time. 
Thought this time I'd take my camera along from some snaps. 
Love the carefreeness of these pictures and expressions.


Monday, 7 April 2014

7 Apr 2014 - Hampshire Music Photography - Olive Haigh EP Promo Shoot

Had a wonderful time photographing the gorgeous Olive Haigh her upcoming new EP, Monsters due to come out this year. Certainly an experimental shoot where instead of myself clicking the button to photograph, in one hand I had a hair-dryer and the other I held a remote control for my camera to release the shutter: assistant and photographer all-in-one! Olive and I have been friends for a while so it's great collaborating with like-minded creative talents to make fun and fashionable pictures together. She's a darling to work with and I hope we continue our creative partnership to make more fabulous images! You can find her music here: (Hair, Make Up & Styling: Olive Haigh)


Friday, 31 January 2014

31 Jan 2014 - Hampshire Beauty Photography - Portrait Sitting with Holly

Did some portrait beauty test shoots with Holly Alana and what a wonderful young talent she is! Using all natural light from the window Holly looks gorgeous in pastel coloured clothes and flaunts her natural beauty. Love working with natural light using my favourite lens: 50mm f.1.4. (Styling: myself, Hair & Make up: Holly)

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